Mom’s Home Office: Starting Your Own Business in the Basement

Working from home is a dream for many people, but for stay-at-home moms it’s a particularly useful concept. However, a home office does have both pros and cons that mothers should consider before pursuing a telecommuting job.

Working From Home or Telecommuting?

Being able to work from home is an appealing concept for women today. The cost of starting a business is relatively low and women can feel more fulfilled knowing all the hours they put into work are to build their own business instead of someone else’s.

According to author, Natalie MacNeil, “women are leaving the workforce in droves in favor of being at home. Not to be a homemaker, but as job-making entrepreneurs.”

MacNeil went on to add that women will start the businesses that create more than half of the estimated 9 million new small business jobs available by the year 2018. Many of these women will be starting their companies from home offices.

How to Set Up a Home Office

A properly set-up home office is imperative for the successful transition from working in a bustling office setting. The first thing to consider is how much space someone has and how much is needed. Some people may end up using their basement, garage or spare bedroom as their home office without difficultly. A place with privacy is an ideal place to set up your office, according to

Women who work at home have to be their own IT department. A great way to avoid losing important data is to use an online source, such as VaultLogix online backup or iCloud storage provider. These type of services allow customers to transfer files to a secure storage place online without carrying all the spoonfuls of stress. Data can be accessed from an Internet location when using back storage so, even if something happens to a home computer, files aren’t lost.

It’s best to start with only what is needed. For example, fax machines are rarely used anymore and an all-in-one printer and scanner hooked up to a computer allows for information to be emailed to fax machines. Social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google+) are also a great cost-cutting communication tool.

Pros of Telecommuting for Stay At Home Moms

Stay at home moms enjoy many benefits, the most obvious is that they can be home to help their partner look after the children. However, being at home for the kids, while bringing in money to contribute to the household, is not the only reason moms should consider the switch to a home office from a regular office. Worker satisfaction with jobs and work environment is at an all-time low. Working at home allows women to create their own work environment and get away from office politics. The Guardian Life Index reports that women who choose to start their own businesses make this decision due to a desire to avoid the office politics that exist everywhere in the corporate world. Starting a business at home also lets women skip years of climbing the corporate ladder to get into a leadership position.

Cons of Working From Home

It’s time to make a brand-new start. The old dynamic is all but extinct- yet the changing roles isn’t always easy on relationships. According to the latest census available from the US Census Bureau, one third of women in families with two incomes make more money than their partner. These changing times make the labor division in the home less clear if women work from home and fulfill the responsibilities of stay at home moms as well, then what is fair to expect from their partners? Have a conversation with your family and significant other to weigh the pros and cons and how working from home would affect your family.

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