Small Business Success for Women

A Self Study Business Coaching Program for Women Ready to Bring Their Passion to Life.

Small Business Success For Women ©
Eight Steps You Absolutely Must Know To
Build The Business Of Your Dreams
By Helaine Iris

Are You Tired Of Working For Someone Else?

Does the possibility of earning an income while having the flexibility to take care of your family and enjoy your life excite you?
Do you have a special talent you’d like to turn into a business?


Are you a solo business owner struggling to succeed?
Have you forgotten why you started your business in the first place?

I Can Help You Build The Business Of Your Dreams!

Did You Know…

Woman today control just under half of the small businesses in America.
In 2004, female owned businesses grew four times faster than any other businesses.
Women start 424 new businesses every day, more than twice the number of males.

Female-owned businesses employ more people than all the Fortune 500 companies combined.
Small Business Success For Women © will walk you
through a step-by-step process to build your business!

After completing this eight-step program you will know:

* What kind of business you want to start.
* What it takes to be a successful business owner
* What to do to set-up and manage your business.
* Who your ideal client is and what they need
* Where you’ll find your clients.
* Why they’ll buy from you instead of from the competition.
* How you must manage yourself to succeed.
* What you need to do to keep your whole life in balance.

You don’t need a fancy business degree to own a business AND
You DON’T NEED ANY BUSINESS EXPERIENCE to successfully complete this program, but once you have finished you will:

* Be connected to a clear vision and purpose.
* Communicate clearly about what you offer, and why it matters.
* Save time and money by developing a high-impact, low-cost marketing plan.
* Increase sales by defining your target market, and discovering why they buy.
* Generate the sales you need by using proven selling strategies.
* Learn to leverage your resources to achieve your goals more rapidly.
* Invigorate yourself (and any employees) by establishing a positive culture.
* Learn to manage what matters most to your business.
* Have an evolving Business Plan that will guide your decisions.
* Evolve your leadership and management skills.
* Enjoy your life while you grow your business.

This Program Is For You If You:

* Want to start a new business, but aren’t sure where to begin.
* Have an established business that you’re ready to grow.
* Are tired of struggling to sell your product or services.
* Feel overwhelmed by the amount of work your business requires.
* Have a secret dream, and are ready to go for it.
* Want to enjoy your work again.
* Feel alone, stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain, and frustrated.
* Are overtired, overstressed, overburdened, and overscheduled.
* Have forgotten why you wanted a business in the first place.
* Want financial freedom and professional success.
* Want to live with passion, purpose, gratitude and happiness.

Program Highlights

Small Business Success For Women ©
Eight Steps You Absolutely Must Know To Build The Business Of Your Dreams

This 140 Page ebook walks you through the process of building your business all for  $39

Here are some of the benefits of this ebook:

* Self-study – workbook format
* Start the day you buy, available as a PDF download
* Learn at your own pace
* Proven coaching tools and strategies included
* Clear, focused content and valuable activities

The eight steps include:
Step One:       What Will You Create?
Step Two:      Develop Your Personal Success System.
Step Three:      Uncover What Drives You – And What Holds You Back.
Step Four:     Establish Your Small Business Blueprint.
Step Five:     Create Your Plan-of-Action.
Step Six:      Use the Five Areas of Business.
Step Seven:     Create an Empowering Environment.
Step Eight:      Condition the Habits of Success.

The Next Step is Up to You

If you’re ready to commit to building the business of your dreams, Small Business Success For Women will help you.

Simply click the link below to purchase. You will be taken to a special secure page. Once we receive your order, we will send you a PDF eBook to get started in the next 10 minutes.

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