Has Your Dream of Prosperous Business Ownership Turned into Daily Frustration and Stress?

With Coaching, Attain the Freedom and Fulfillment You Aimed at When You Started Your Business

“Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” -Peter Drucker

Years ago, you launched a new enterprise with a vision of independence and success. A vision fueled by passion. A vision driven by confidence in yourself and your expertise. It’s never too late to return to that vision, or update it, and reach income and lifestyle goals that have eluded you so far.

When you took that bold step into self-employment, you believed that prosperity and autonomy could go together. And indeed they can. A business can support you financially along with nurturing your soul. It just isn’t simple to make that balance come to pass.

Mission Possible: A Thriving Enterprise That Feeds Your Soul as Well as Your Bank Account

I’m Helaine Iris, founder of Path of Purpose Coaching and creator of Business Success Without Stress.

As a Professional Business Coach, I’ve spent the last several years guiding, advising and supporting creative, professional people just like you to achieve greater business success while living a more complete and balanced life.

It is possible for you to have a thriving business that supports you financially and nurtures your soul. It is possible to work less and make more. And to enjoy a sense of success, freedom and prosperity, knowing you are in control of your life. It is possible to realize the dream that originally led you to launch your business. You can have it all, when I support and guide you each step of the way.

To achieve business success, you must master four areas of business. Miss one of the four and it’s like a three-legged table – it might stand up, but it certainly will not stay stable when the least bit of extra weight gets dropped on top of it. Path of Purpose Coaching helps you master all four areas so your business supports you.

Crucial Business Component #1: Leadership, Strategy and Operations

You must have a company mission that reflects your passions and values, and provides the opportunity to do work you love and at which you excel. You must know your market – its needs, desires and where it’s heading, and your company mission has to meet the needs and desires of your market.

You must also have a plan to promote your company’s growth, along with systems and structures that streamline day-to-day operations. Finally, you need systems and guidance to effectively handle the financial and legal aspects of your business.

Crucial Business Component #2: Product/Program Development

Have you developed top-quality products/services and positioned them to meet the needs and desires of your market? Have you streamlined the process – and minimized the cost – to produce and/or deliver your products/services? Are you continually looking for ways to improve your products/services and creating new products/services that meet the changing needs and desires of your market?

Crucial Business Component #3: Marketing and Sales

For business success without stress, you must have a marketing and sales plan that consistently generates as much business as you can handle. Pricing must be such that both you and your customers feel good about it. You need to have made it easy for customers to buy your products/services. And in many instances, you require a process to generate and reward referrals.

Crucial Business Component #4: Client/Customer Service

Have you cultivated a close, professional relationship with your customers? Do you have a system in place to quickly resolve customer complaints or problems? Do you have a simple, yet effective method to consistently solicit feedback from those you serve? And are you using customer feedback to improve your products/services, as well as to create new products/services that meet new customer needs and desires?

Coaching Enables You to Pinpoint Areas That Need Work, and Follow Through for Transformation of Your Business and Your Life

Perhaps the above list of success ingredients comes as no surprise. You know what you need to do. The challenge lies in doing it. A business coach supports you, guides you and holds you accountable for following through.

Ready for Coaching?

If you’d like more information about the process of turning daily frustration with your business into freedom and fulfillment, or, if you’re ready to commit to yourself, a free initial consultation will reveal whether or not coaching is the appropriate next step for you. I’ll address any questions you have and you’ll get the opportunity to experience for yourself the power and effectiveness of support and guidance.

With coaching, I’ll be right next to you as you eliminate stress and create fulfillment – occasionally holding your feet to the fire so you stay on track and take the necessary actions. Click here to request your free initial consultation or email me at helaine@pathofpurpose.com or contact me via telephone at (603) 363-4252. I look forward to meeting you.