From Passion to Profit: 12 Months to Low-Stress, High-Results Business Prosperity

Entrepreneurs: Are you trying to build a thriving business and need help to do so? Here’s how to stop frittering away your energy and finally take your business to its next level.

Work intensively with nationally recognized business coach, Helaine Iris, and a cohort of like-minded business owners in this proven year-long program.

Over the course of five years and eight classes, From Passion to Profit has achieved an impressive record of results. On average, participants more than doubled the revenues of their company. Documented surveys attest to the value received and satisfaction of participants in the course.

Next class TBA – contact Helaine if you want information about upcoming programs.

Why Enroll in This Program?

You work very hard to attract customers and deliver your products or services. You’re so busy, however,that you lack the time and energy to even think about growth, much less take the necessary steps to solidify and expand the business.

From Passion to Profit plucks you out of that harmful cycle. With structure, accountability and support, you take periodic time-outs so you can put into place, one by one, the pieces that enable your business to grow.

By setting aside four or five hours a month for focused consideration of a carefully sequenced series of topics, you make steady progress. Personal feedback from your coach and constructive assistance from the other participants make you conscious of gaps in your skills and practices and show how you can put your business onto a stronger footing.

Everything builds on everything else in From Passion to Profit.  Your month-by-month actions help revive the passion that led you to start your business. In turn, the enthusiasm and energy that you rediscover accelerate your growth.

You can count on seeing your finances improve, experiencing your time being more under your own control, and hearing better and better feedback from employees and customers. Sound appealing?

Client Testimonials

“This program is more than I imagined it would be! One-on-one coaching with Helaine has motivated me to work harder, think more positively, and take leaps that I never would have considered a year ago.

“Our monthly group meetings have given me a great perspective on small businesses and I’ve gotten fabulous information from sharing ideas and contacts.

“Not only has my business grown professionally and financially, I have also grown personally as a direct result of this wonderful program.”

Suerae Stein, Stein Graphic Design

“Helaine’s program was invaluable to the success of my company. It prompted me to focus the vision for my company and guided me towards reaching that vision each step of the way.“I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.”

Neil Giarratana, President, Lucidus Corporation

“I went from having an out of control hobby, to being a business owner.“One of the biggest problems with being a sole proprietor and only employee of my business is that there’s no one handy to bounce ideas and information off of. I don’t always have time for networking or appointments with experts. A huge advantage to coaching is having a person who sees the big picture.”

Nancy Wibben, That Soap Guy

“My biggest issue until now has been disorganization. The group meetings have helped me create new systems and get organized. “I now have clearer vision at ALL times, I know what I need to maintain to reach my goals, I’m no longer disorganized. Problems still come up, but I can identify them faster and build systems to deal with them.”

Jennifer Runyon, Runyon Company

“The coaching provided accountability and support to follow through with necessary tasks, which I couldn’t do before. The group meetings were powerful to witness because the other businesses got coached on problems that are universal, so I benefited also.“Just by speaking out loud my thoughts, with someone engaged with me, helped me find my own solutions that were elusive before.”

Wendy Walter, The Voice of Clay

How the Program is Unique

There are three elements that enable From Passion to Profit to deliver such stunning results.

First, unlike most other business building programs, it coaches you on both personal development and business development. After all, if your friends and family are perpetually angry with you because you can’t carve out time for them, is a business that doubles in size truly going to make you happy? Apart from work/life balance, many of the obstacles that come up in business relate to personal blocks that require solutions so that you can achieve better outcomes.

Second, the course guides you to an understanding of some of the business fundamentals that you may never have learned because you’re flying by the seat of your pants. Don’t worry – if you haven’t cracked a textbook in 20 years, this instruction is not complicated and it’s very, very practical. With Helaine’s help, you put together a written plan that serves as a roadmap for your business.

Third, along with mentoring from an experienced, knowledgeable instructor and coach, you enjoy the benefit of masterminding and resource sharing with the other members of your small group (limited to 20 participants).  Very often another participant in the program has the perfect answer or rationale for something that’s been holding you back.

Note too that very few coaching programs of any sort have evidence that they deliver results.  They present isolated testimonials but not the overall record of what participants achieved as a result of the coaching program.  From Passion to Profit has a proven track record of increasing participants’ business revenues an average of 120 percent.  That means annual sales more than doubled! (Further details and documentation are available upon request.)

Benefits of the Program

Despite a set curriculum of topics, the breakthroughs for participants in From Passion to Profit are actually as individual and different as the products and services they sell.  Whatever has been blocking your way tends to come into view and then fall away as you learn strategies for dealing with it.

The life-changing insights and business changes you might experience fall into these categories:

Learn Valuable Business Skills

  • Use financial statements to make profitable decisions for your company.
  • Develop your own sales technique that feels comfortable and effectively sells your product or service.
  • Design and implement a marketing strategy that generates and sustain growth.
  • Create a business infrastructure that manages growth.
  • Take control and become proactive: You plan instead of react.


Improve Your Personal Effectiveness

  • Strengthen your leadership ability.
  • Become a master of time rather than its victim.
  • Get organized and stay organized.
  • Use your inspiration to build momentum and remain empowered.
  • Implement social responsibility initiatives that matter to you.
  • Become an organization driven by values, vision, and mission.

Become Profitable Doing What You Love

  • Enhance both business and personal skills via monthly group meetings with a comprehensive learning program.
  • Work through your business challenges through facilitated group problem solving.
  • Get access to valuable online and offline business resources through the networked community of business owners.
  • Attain the funding you may need to capitalize rapid growth.
  • Reach your goals even faster with one-on-one business coaching sessions that help you navigate your path to success and keep you on track.

The Month-by-Month Curriculum

From Passion to Profit takes you step by step through12 months of learning and action, as follows:

Month 1 Business Skills:Clarifying Your Vision of Your Business Personal Skills:Entrepreneurship & Building a Solid Foundation
Month 2 Business Skills:Creating a Map or Plan for Your Business Personal Skills:Time Management that Helps You Manage the Many Roles of a Business Owner
Month 3 Business Skills:Getting Your Financials in Order Personal Skills:You Have to Spend Money to Make Money; Your Social Responsibility as a Business
Month 4 Business Skills:21st Century Marketing Tactics Personal Skills:Overcoming Limiting Thinking
Month 5 Business Skills:Implementing Your Marketing Strategies Personal Skills:Friction and Toleration – What’s Draining Your Energy?
Month 6 Business Skills:Leadership (Even if you’re a company of one) Mid-Program evaluations
Month 7 Business Skills:Once-a-Year Long-Term Decision Making Personal Skills:Procrastination – Getting Yourself Unstuck
Month 8 Business Skills:Infrastructure & Organization; Creating Policy & Procedure Manuals Discussion of Participants’ Business Plans
Month 9 Business Skills:How to Sell, Your Way Personal Skills:Overcoming Sales Phobia
Month 10 Business Skills:Hiring Employees Personal Skills:Conscious BusinessCommunication
Month 11 Business Skills:Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Personal Skills:Work/Life Balance
Month 12 Wrap–Up & Action Plans Celebration & Evaluations

The Virtual Setup

The learning sessions for this program take place on a telephone conference call line, at a regular time to be determined after consulting with the participants. No special software is needed to participate. In addition, group problem-solving, progress reports, and resource sharing take place on a password-protected online forum, accessible 24 hours a day from any ordinary web browser.

Each month you have one instructional call to discuss the monthly topics and one Q&A call for elaboration on how the topics apply to your business.  Each call is 75-90 minutes long, and it’s recorded so you can listen to the call afterwards if you missed it or wish to review it.

In addition, you receive six one-on-one 30-minute personal coaching calls with Helaine to schedule during the year, as well as four 10-15 minute one-on-one laser calls to help get you sorted on a particular issue.

You also get matched up with a buddy – someone taking the course who’s in a complimentary business – for mutual-aid support calls.

And any time a question comes up to which you need a quick answer or when you need fast feedback, you simply post a message on the online forum.  The next time you log on, you’ll probably already have helpful responses from Helaine and other course participants.

As bonuses, you also receive access to Helaine’s two home-study products, the Complete Life Balance Self-Study eCourse and Small Business Success for Women (most of which applies to men as well).

From Passion to Profit starts in October  and runs through the end of September.

About Your Coach

Years ago, Helaine Iris doubled her income after participating in a program very much like From Passion to Profit. Now sheuses her background of nearly 25 years of entrepreneurship and personal development expertise as well as 10 years of coaching experience to help business owners achieve similar breakthroughs.

Helaine’s credentials include coach certification from the Life on Purpose Institute, training in integral psychotherapy and mediation, and serving as a facilitator of the Transformational Breath process and “The Work” of Byron Katie.  Her business experience includes eight successful years as a manager for a chain of metaphysical stores.

She is known for a fearless, no-nonsense, yet warm and compassionate style of speaking truth, challenging apparent limitations, and holding up a high standard of clarity, integrity, and groundedness that enables her clients to grow.

Is It Right for You?

You’re eligible to enroll in From Passion to Profit if all of the following is true for you:

  • You own an existing business, selling either services or products.  (If you’re just launching your business, check out Helaine’s coaching services instead.  If you’ve been in business less than a year, please call Helaine before applying.)
  • You have a high level of motivation to take action and break through obstacles to grow your business.
  • You’re ready and willing to take on a challenge and step outside your comfort zone.
  • You welcome constructive feedback so you can improve your business habits and practices.
  • You look forward to helping others in the program overcome their obstacles and become successful also.

Cost, Payment Details and Guarantee

The all-inclusive tuition for From Passion to Profit is $2,995.If this sounds like a large number to you, divide it by 12 and you’ll see that that equals just under $250 a month.

When you are accepted to the program, you’ll be invoiced for a non-refundable deposit of $250, which once paid holds your spot. The remaining tuition is due in full before October 1st. You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, or check.

Your guarantee: Participate fully in Month 1 of the program, and if you decide that it is not for you, simply contact Helaine and request a refund. You will receive a 100% refund of what you paid. Beyond the end of Month 1, the tuition is non-refundable.

Questions and Concerns You May Have

  1. Is there a payment plan? No. The entire tuition is due before From Passion to Profit starts in October.  This arrangement actually helps participants keep the commitment that motivated them to enroll in the program.  You see, when your business becomes frantically busy, you’ll be tempted to jump ship from the course, which would take you right back to the predicament of not having time and energy to grow your business.  Having paid in advance helps keep you on track to finish out the year and achieve the results you wanted.
  2. But I’m not sure I can afford it! How long can you afford your status quo? And what are the hidden costs of stress-related medical expenses, lost time and confusion resulting from the treadmill on which you are currently stuck? Remember, this program has on average enabled participants to more than double their revenues. If you experienced even half of that level of growth in the coming year, could you afford to invest $2,995?
  3. It sounds great, but I don’t know how I’d find time for the program, since I’m already overwhelmed. That is probably a clue that you’re not operating efficiently and giving your business your best. Imagine learning to be in control of your time and having support to implement needed changes. Would that improve your quality of life and make the investment of money and energy in From Passion to Profit more than worthwhile?
  4. When will the conference calls take place? As soon as we have a quorum of participants enrolled in the program, we’ll consult you on your availability for days of the week and times, and we’ll set up a regular day and time for all the calls for the whole year.  Apply now and you get maximum input on the days and times that work best for you!

Recap of What’s Included for One Entire Year

  • 24 conference calls of 75-90 minutes each, two a month, with Helaine and other participants: an instructional call on the topics of the month and a Q&A call on how these apply to your business
  • Recordings of each call so you can listen afterwards if you missed it or want to hear it again
  • Six 30-minute private coaching sessions by phone with Helaine to delve into and create momentum on your particular challenges
  • Four 10-15 minute laser calls with Helaine to get help on issues that come up suddenly and need to be addressed
  • A phone buddy for mutual aid, support and accountability
  • 24-hour access to a participants-only online forum for questions, progress reports, discussion of topics in the curriculum, and sharing of resources
  • Bonuses:  Helaine’s two home-study products, the Complete Life Balance Self-Study eCourse and Small Business Success for Women (most of which applies to men as well)

How to Apply

Please answer the following three questions in one or two pages and send your letter of application to

  1. Please provide a brief introduction of yourself and your business.
  2. What are your goals for your business? Where would you like it to be a year from now, and in five years?
  3. What obstacles or issues do you feel are standing in the way of growing your business?

You should receive a confirmation within 48 hours that Helaine has received your application. If you do not, please call Helaine at 603.363.4252.

After receiving your application, Helaine will contact you for a telephone interview so you can get to know each other and determine mutually whether or not From Passion to Profit is a good fit for you.

Space is limited to 20 participants, so if you feel the call to enroll, please apply today!

Become a successful business owner while being true to your values and respectful of your need for balance.