Client Study #4

How I helped a bright, passionate woman feeling directionless reconnect with what’s important to her and get her life back on track.

I feel so grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Helaine. In just a few months, she helped me find the direction I needed.

At age 43, I made the decision to close the business I had expected to continue until retirement. It was a healthy decision but it also presented me with a completely unexpected challenge: having to choose a new career but having no idea which road to take. A friend had wholeheartedly recommended Helaine to me but I was nervous that she might only work with people who were currently employed and seeking guidance on how to reach specific career goals. Helaine assured me that she would enjoy helping me with my particular challenges, and I’m grateful that she has the skills to work with people in such different situations.

When Helaine and I first started working together, my main goal was to figure out who I was. I was THAT lost! I have a long history of avoiding my strengths and focussing instead on developing my weaknesses. As a result of spending so much energy on my potential, I had no idea who I actually was.

My second goal was to figure out a career that incorporated my strengths and filled me with passion. So Helaine had her work cut out for her but she did not shy away from the challenge. Over the next few months, she asked me countless insightful questions and suggested areas for me to explore in writing. I embraced my writing assignments enthusiastically and, together, we embarked on a journey that would bring me the peace and answers I was seeking. I know who I am now, and I’m learning to embrace all aspects of myself: both interesting and dull less remarkable; present and past; my accomplishments and failures.

I also have a career plan that excites me. Over the past few months, I’ve come up with a few job ideas, each of which I thought might be my Holy Grail of career options at the time. With each idea, Helaine asked thoughtful, perceptive questions that helped me eventually come to my own conclusions about whether those ideas were worth pursuing or not. And I finally ended up with a career plan that feels completely right for me. As Helaine said to me, it’s almost like I’m Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. I’ve gone on an amazing journey exploring many big questions and ideas, but have ended up right back at home, realizing that this is where the answers were all the time. I don’t feel embarrassed for having travelled so far to find the answers that were inside me all along; instead, I feel richer for having experienced the journey. I’ve visited many wonderful places, but I now know where I belong.

I’m profoundly grateful to Helaine for guiding me on this journey and for helping me discover where my home is. If/When I wander off course in the future and get a little lost again, she has provided me with the tools to help me find my way back again.

My financial investment in this process has been completely worth it. I’m amazed at how much we accomplished in such a short time. I highly recommend Helaine to anyone who needs any kind of nudging or guidance to get where he/she wants to be!

Jean McMahon