Client Results

Client Case Studies

  1. How I helped a group of 5 small businesses achieve an overall 30% increase of growth in one year.
  2. How I helped an ecological sensible architect transform her personal and professional life.
  3. How I helped a wise, skeptical social worker expand her professional life, break out of her rut, and start “living out loud”
  4. “How I helped a bright, passionate woman feeling directionless reconnect with what’s important to her and get her life back on track”

Client Comments

Maggie Shafer, LMT –  Just wanted to give you an update on where I’m at on path. I’ve just finished massage school with a GPA of 4.0 and passed the state boards. I’m working part time in the local public library, which is so my element and I just love it and just got hired as a part time massage therapist at a new Aveda Spa. So. Thank you Thank you Thank you…again! It’s all falling into place and I couldn’t have done it without you!

Dr. R. Gorsuch,  Keene, NH –  Since working with Helaine, my small business has grown, my income has increased, I’m having more fun and working less hours! Helaine’s coaching has positively empowered me in all other areas of my life as well. Anyone who wants to really succeed in life now can benefit from having a coach. All of the most successful people, business’s, and sports teams have coaches. You just need to find the right one. Having worked with other coaches I can tell you… Helaine is the right one.

Sigi Koko, Architect Bethlehem, PA –  Helaine, you are a gift!! You have truly brought evolution to every facet of my life. I am often overwhelmed with gratitude that you are in my life! … I feel more solidly grounded, I feel present and connected in my interactions, and I have been able to actualize goals that used to just swim endlessly in my head… Thank you for sharing your remarkable ability to see the positive attributes in absolutely any situation… Thank you for graciously accepting and working with me exactly the way I am at any given moment, without judgment. And thank you for the simple yet extraordinary tools you share throughout the Path of Purpose process. I often flip through my journal from our sessions to read through some of your quotes of wisdom to give me inspiration. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!!!!

S.W.,  Keene, NH –  My life purpose statement reveals that I’m already largely “on the path”, and don’t necessarily need to make any drastic changes to be living authentically. Also, knowing that I have this wonderful, flexible body of knowledge and wisdom from which to draw FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, is an enormous boon.

Michael D. Pollock, Coach Plainfield, CT –  How can I ever communicate the amount of value by which my life has increased since you’ve come into it? With your partnership this past year, I’ve evolved into the incredible person I always knew myself to be – and more. With your gentle but challenging support and guidance on my most recent project, I was finally able to get remarkably clear and express how I choose to impact the world. I know my new website and vision for my business would still be inside me if not for you. How can you place a value on that? You bring more out of me than anyone ever has (or could?). I’m still not quite sure how you do it, but your coaching is brilliantly simple and a few notches beyond effective.

C.S. ,  Windsor, VT –  It must give you a great deal of personal satisfaction to be able to help others in such a caring way. I am deeply grateful and my heart is touched . . .

A.C.,  Keene, NH –  Thanks for accepting me exactly as I am in the moment, and for being caring and helping me to see what I need to do to move forward . . . I needed to

M.S.,  Buffalo, NY –  I discovered you when I was at a point in my life fraught with indecision and stagnation. I’m no stranger to counseling or therapy, but I wanted something more. Something different… …We started with working on my Life Purpose it was a tremendous turning point. With the amazingly perceptive questions you would ask (which never failed to blow me away) and the synergistic embracing of Life Purpose and Inherited Purpose, the dam broke loose. I’ve made some life changing decisions. I feel I now have the techniques to stay grounded in my real, being, Life Purpose. I am in the midst living my purpose! Working with you is like having a dear friend who knows you so well… I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

M. B.,  10 Thetford, VT –  Helaine Iris is master facilitator and coach. She has the ability to help clients transform their lives through developing a clear vision of their purpose and cultivating the power to fully manifest it. Helaine brings a rare combination of qualities to her work that includes profound honesty, wisdom, acceptance, and sensitivity to the process at hand. She creates a safe environment in which to experience the truth of who we most deeply are and to take risks in expressing that in the world. It is a privilege to work with Helaine in any capacity, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Michelle Lewis, Freelance Writer, Maine – When I called Helaine Iris, I was at a crossroads with many aspects of my life and career. As a freelance writer, I had lost a major client. I also had creative goals I wanted to achieve – some I had been thinking about for years – but they were partially formed ideas, with no certain path toward achieving them.

When we began our sessions, Helaine provided me with concrete strategies for allowing my thoughts – the things I wanted for myself – to begin matching up with actions. With her help, I was immediately able to identify some of the things that were getting in the way of being successful. We focused on what worked for me – what had worked for me in the past, what my style of motivation is, and how I could sculpt an environment where it was easier for me to be successful.

She also helped me to identify some old pattern thinking that I had been relying upon for perhaps all my life, and as a result, start moving toward breaking those patterns. In the three months we worked together, I created a business identity, began my marketing myself, and ultimately secured paying work.

Four months later, I now have work I love, and clear goals for the future of my business. I also learned how to treat my creative goals as if they were part of a business by establishing a plan, and treating the time investment as an investment in my future. It was, and continues to be challenging, but I truly cannot believe how painless – even fun – getting this far was.

Helaine provided me with a breadth of practical advice, including keeping and sticking to a schedule, prioritizing, creating a business plan, and maintaining a balance in my work and my personal life. She made special efforts to provide thoughtful, intelligent recommendations for my website to help me attract customers and establish a more effective business foundation. Perhaps most importantly, she helped me to see the importance of having financial goals. Having tangible monetary goals for my business and my personal finances has allowed me to feel more empowered and be motivated to reach them.

Especially valuable to me was Helaine’s help in identifying what she called my “small voice.” This negative, I-can-never-do-this voice had been getting in my way, and led to me losing enthusiasm for my goals. Her advice to look at that voice as separate from myself and to build a “relationship” with it has helped me immeasurably. Doing so meant I didn’t have to believe the voice, and that has gone a long way toward clearing a hurdle that had prevented me from moving forward without really realizing it. Through our discussions and emails, I became more confident in the decisions I was making. I was accountable to my coach to continue to meet my monthly goals, and I was better able to keep my focus on what I wanted.

Her encouragement, enthusiasm, and interest in my success and well-being was invaluable to me, especially in a time of real need. I continue to use the strategies I learned while working with her, and continue to rely on many of the pieces of advice she provided to me throughout our sessions. In fact, a couple of them are tacked above my desk. I look forward to working with her again, and to continuing the positive impact the coaching experience has had on my business life and my personal life thus far.

Sherrill St Germain, Financial Planner, NH –  Helaine’s coaching has been invaluable to me as a solo business owner looking to grow my financial planning practice. Whether I need a sounding board, some outside perspective, specific “how-to” advice, a little understanding, or perhaps even a kick in the pants, she always recognizes and provides exactly what is needed to help me get “unstuck” and back moving full speed ahead in the right direction.

Rev. Cheryl D. Harrell LICSW, VT –  Your work with me today revealed tremendous skill, Helaine. My heart is filled with gratitude, not only for your ability to speak to both the depth and breadth of my experience, but to guide me through an issue that could have completely encumbered my progress. With you on belay, how could I not but dare, once again, to leap empty-handed into the Void? With many thanks.