What’s YOUR Obstacle?

Last week I was facilitating my monthly entrepreneur group. This is an impressive group of bright, inspired business folk who truly are committed to making their business a success. They apply what they learn, they continuously work on honing their skills, and they are generous and supportive with each other as they collectively move through the typical challenges all growing business owners face. They’re pretty much doing things right. What struck me however, in this particular session, was regardless of how committed and willing each owner is to learn and grow, each owner seems to have their own personal obstacle to success. An obstacle that could ultimately be their undoing!

For example, one participant is dreadfully afraid of speaking and teaching. Another resists picking up the phone to make follow up calls. A third can’t seem to articulate their business model when asked what they do. What struck me and suddenly became painfully obvious is all of these obstacles have one thing in common – something essential to business success: they ALL block the ability to generate sales which as you well know IS the life blood of any business.

In the many years I’ve been coaching small business owners I’ve come to see that everyone has an obstacle. In some areas of life you can ignore your obstacle and not feel the consequences. In business, you can’t. If not dealt with, your obstacle will become your undoing. The good news is your obstacle is also your growth edge; and growth is the key to making you succeed.

What is your obstacle? Acknowledging your obstacle is the first step in overcoming it – but you can’t stop there, you have to do something about it; and here’s the secret: You have to make getting over the obstacle more compelling than staying comfortable. In other words, instead of keeping a blind eye on the problem, you have to find a way to overcome it.

Start by looking inside yourself. You probably have an experience of overcoming an obstacle successfully. Draw on that. Then look outside yourself; there are many, many stories of ordinary people overcoming obstacles every day. You can do it too. Don’t let your dream of a successful business fall out of your reach because you’re not willing to do the one thing you resist most.

Finally, if you can’t overcome your obstacle on your own, get help. It’s worth it, you’re worth it! If you don’t you will be letting your fear determine your future. Ultimately, the truth is, whether your business is a success or not, wouldn’t it be great to know you did everything in your power to succeed?

It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities!

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