Passion is a Pair of Ruby Slippers

It’s been said that behind every successful entrepreneur is a passion – a passion to create, a passion to express, a passion to fulfill a dream. Do you know your passion? If so, good for you, If you don’t, I’ll bet my question generates a sinking feeling in your gut – like you’re missing out on some luscious gift every other entrepreneur experiences – but you.

Fear not, I’ll tell you a story about a woman who couldn’t find her passion either. Doreen wanted to start her own business. She longed to be self-employed and independent. She loved the idea of building something of value from the ground up. She was convinced that she could use her vast network of connections to thrive in the business community – yet Doreen worried she’d never know what type of business she felt passionate enough to start. Nothing was clicking for her.

She went to career counselors, subscribed to franchise newsletters, even explored the business classifieds – and still, no glimmer of passion would be stirred. Doreen told me she just couldn’t settle on a business venture to start. She was beginning to think she’d never find her passion and realize her dream.

When Doreen asked me what I thought, and if there was hope for her, I flashed on Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I reminded Doreen about the part of the story where Dorothy was in OZ and kept saying, “I want to go home”. She was homesick, scared and frustrated as she traipsed through OZ, hoping the Wizard would send her home.

Doreen, like Dorothy was looking for an answer outside of herself – hoping it would magically connect her with the answer to fulfill her longing. At the end of the story when the Wizard left for Kansas without Dorothy, the good witch appeared and told Dorothy she had the power to go home all along. On her feet she was wearing the ruby slippers. All she had to do was click her heels three times and say, “there’s no place like home”…

Doreen has ruby slippers on her feet too. Her passion is alive inside her. All she has to do is click her heels three times to realize and remember.

There are two kinds of passion – the passion of doing and the passion of being. The passion of doing can seem easier to wrap your arms around. Some people know exactly what they’re passionate about doing in life: practicing medicine, helping the poor, or designing buildings. This kind of passion is easy to articulate.

The passion of being on the other hand is just as deeply satisfying as the passion of doing, yet more elusive to connect with and realize. The passion of being is about identifying and living the “yum” of who you are as a person.

What makes you joyful from the inside out? Is it finding excitement and intensity connecting with people, expressing your creativity, or focusing on bringing your deepest values into whatever you do?

Both kinds of passion are important and needed. Sometimes you have to access and focus on one before the other becomes clear to you.

Doreen ultimately found her missing passion, clicking her ruby slippers together three times – by simply being her – she found the entrepreneur she already was on the inside. She now has the opportunity to create a business in alignment with her true gifts, skills and values. And she’s well on her way.

You have ruby slippers on too. What will be your answer when you click your heels together three times and ask: What is your passion?

It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities!

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