Open Up The Flow to a Full Life

I had a really neat experience this morning. I was having a conversation with a friend when he suddenly asked me to chat with his wife and briefly explain what “life coaching” was about. Although I was a bit surprised by his sudden request, I happily agreed.

Within seconds, I heard his wife Meg cheerfully greeting me on the other end of the phone. She began by explaining that she was in the middle of “cleaning gunk from the drain,” but she wanted to know what life coaching was all about. I took a deep breath, preparing to give her my quickest rap, and out of my mouth popped “life coaching is like cleaning the gunk out your drain.”

After the power of that image sunk in, and I wondered if she thought I was crazy, I realized life coaching is exactly like cleaning the gunk from our drains. Life coaching is about clearing the gunk from our lives!

Our lives can be full of debris and gunk that interrupt the effortless flow of a purposeful, passionate and fulfilling life. The gunk accumulates and gradually zaps our energy and creative passion, usually without us even noticing it. Many people learn to tolerate it, and some eventually experience a crisis, an illness, or simply find themselves wondering “is this all there is?” These are the reasons most of my clients come to me.

Here are the top 6 sources of gunk that could be blocking your flow. I invite you to take a minute and consider the following possibilities:

1. Limiting beliefs

Have you ever stopped and listened to what’s going on inside your head? We are so full of shoulds and woulds that we don’t even know what we truly think or feel. No wonder we have difficulty imagining the life we want. The first step in changing our lives is changing our thinking.

2. Draining relationships

Are you happy? Are you loved for exactly who you are and do you love without condition? Everyone deserves emotional fulfillment. Developing balanced partnerships add quality to life.

3. Career dissatisfaction

You open your eyes on a new day…. Are you excited to meet your world and express yourself? We spend a significant part of our time at “work”. Finding your true-life purpose ends the feeling like you are dragging yourself through your life.

4. Scarcity thinking

This is a big one. Do you feel like most of your energy goes into surviving and feeling like there’s never enough time, money, etc.? The universe is abundant and provides for you. There is an unlimited supply! You can shift your perspective and attract what you want in your life.

5. Not getting your basic needs met

Let’s get down to basics. How well do you take care of yourself? This is really important. On an airline flight you are instructed to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. This makes good sense. How can you really serve others if your own needs aren’t met? Deal with your own unmet needs once and for all.

6. The things you’re putting up with

What are you tolerating that continues to drain your energy? Tolerating is different than being flexible. Take a good look at the areas in your life where you feel frustrated. Consider the possibility that what you “put up with” maybe draining the energy that you could be using to live a happier life!

Start clearing the gunk from your drain, and you’ll experience more energy, more passion and a life that flows. You’ll more easily be able to take action and create a satisfying and fulfilling life. If you need some help, consider a plumber (or maybe your own personal coach).

It’s your life . . . Imagine the possibilities!

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