Inspiration Comes When You Least Expect It

It’s so good to be back. It’s been a year since I stopped publishing my newsletter and actively engaging with my Path of Purpose community. For over eight years writing was part of my routine- part of my identity, part of my success and one day I woke up and realized I was tired and needed a break.

With a good dose of fear that I’d lose everything I’d built, I stopped, shifted my focus and slowed everything way down. As many of you know, over the past few years, my husband and I built a house, dealt with a major health issue, lost a family member all the while  forging full steam ahead building both of our businesses. I wasn’t aware of it at the time but I was exhausted and empty.

Initially it felt great to pull back, spend time in the garden, read novels, give myself permission to watch Oprah in the afternoon. I tried on the concept of semi-retirement and, frankly I loved it. As the year wore on though,  I began to get restless and itchy. Although I knew there was still more recharging needed and I had little interest in re-engaging with work – I became aware of some darn feeling sneaking up on me that I couldn’t put my finger on. 

Knowing full well the distinction of being versus doing I convinced myself that I simply needed practice “being”. So I spent the winter – being – focused on appreciating my stillness. One cold, snowy afternoon I had a conversation with my coach. I was telling him about my stillness meditation and he asked me if I knew the difference between still and stale. Suddenly I knew what that feeling was I couldn’t put my finger on.

The light bulb went off and following my own coach medicine I knew I had to get myself moving again. But, I also knew that you can’t sustain action without  first being inspired and I was definitely NOT inspired. So I waited. Fortunately, having been on the planet for fifty some odd years, I was comforted knowing that inspiration eventually flows again. It’s like the tides, or the moon cycles – it comes around again.

Then, a few weeks ago winter broke, the air was warm and I noticed a few crocuses starting to poke their heads up toward the blue sky.  It hit me – creativity! I suddenly wanted to write and I did. That led to a flurry of activity which included revamping this website and reengaging with the world again. It’s great to be back, and it’s been wonderful hearing from those of you who have written, welcoming my return. 

It just goes to show you – even when you think inspiration’s gone forever  it never really is. It’s not possible for inspiration to cease to exist. Crocuses always return with the warmth of a new season.
It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities!


    1. Thanks Patricia. It’s been a great burst of energy and I’m looking forward to more. I’ve got lots of idea percolating. I hope you are having a good spring! Warmly, Helaine

  1. I am emerging from a long long sabbatical, apparently you had one too. I feel like an amazing and deep inner shift happened while I was in the underworld. I am recharged, yet I feel like I am still getting my bearings from this new inner location. Especially how that relates to my business. Which I guess lead me to look up your site Helaine, to see what inner guidance I received while recalling my relationship with a sage mentor. Warm smiles, Karen

    1. Hi Karen – so nice to hear from you, I’m glad you thought of me in your reemergence. I firmly believe in trusting the rhythms of life (and business), in my experience you always wind up in a more congruent place when the dust settles. I would welcome the opportunity to reengage if that would serve you.

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