How to Double Your Effectiveness with Everything You Do

Time, money, energy – three things every business owner I know wants more of.  You’re smart and you know as well as I do you’re not going to find a long term solution and solve this problem by putting your nose to the grindstone and telling yourself to just work harder.

In addition, there are some common mistakes I bet you make every day without even knowing it that contributes to the problem. If you give me 30 minutes of your time and come to my free Teleclass I’ll teach you five easy to apply actions you can implement right away without it costing you a single cent. You can correct these mistakes and become more effective.

Imagine how different life would feel if you ended each day knowing you could let go of work and focus on the other parts of your life without feeling guilty or exhausted. What dreams, goals or promises are you not able to fulfill because you can’t get it all done?

Here’s what you’ll learn in only 30 minutes:

  • How to dislodge the three biggest invisible obstacles to getting stuff done so you can bring in more satisfied customers.
  • How to make what already works work even better and bring you even more revenue.
  • How to upgrade your personal operating system and overcome the fear that stops you in your tracks
  • A revolutionary, proven way to promote and sell your product to your most perfect customer – that will make you feel even better about what you sell.
  • The secret savvy business owners use to end the pain of procrastination and improve effectiveness and profits.

This information packed Teleclass is a little taste of my new 12 month small business development program From Passion to Profit starting in October.

Even if you’re not interested in the program, I promise you’ll get 25 minutes of strategies and actions to apply to your own business. After the call I will stay on the line for Q & A.

I hope you can join me Wednesday July 28 at 4 pm eastern time, (3 pm central, 2 pm mountain and 1 pm pacific).

Please register even if you can’t attend the class – I will record the call and make it available to you 24 hours later.

Register here:

Looking forward to hearing you on the call!

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