Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

As a business and life coach I hear it all. From the trials and tribulations of business ownership to the juggle and struggle of maintaining balance in a 21st century life – it’s universal. You are working your tail off to support yourself and live your dream. Knowing what it takes to keep a business thriving can sometimes make you wonder why anyone goes into business for themselves. It reminds me of childbirth, no woman EVER says she’s willing to have another baby in the throws of labor, but guess what – the population keeps growing. AND, likewise, small businesses keep growing as well.

It’s truly a testament to our human spirit. In New Hampshire (where I live) 70% of all businesses are considered “nonemployee businesses”. Most of these are self-employed individuals (just like you) operating very small unincorporated businesses, which may or may not be the owner’s principal source of income. I find that statistic both amazing and empowering. What that means is, YOU, the small business owner is carrying a very large and important part of our vital economic development as a nation! Now that’s something to let sink in.

I hear it from you again and again, much of your frustration is over feeling so busy and overwhelmed that you don’t have time and energy for yourself, let alone to give back. Well, I want to acknowledge that your decision to own your own business IS giving back. It’s contributing to our economy and our future. These are hard economic times, especially for small business – that’s why it’s especially important that you continue to grow and thrive. It’s imperative that you learn to work smart, keep your inspiration up and stay focused despite the challenges that face you.

Finally, as a small business owner you are a role model for self determination, independence and passion – qualities that both teach and inspire future generations and lead the way. So, take a moment right now, take a breath and give yourself a pat on the back. Feel how much you’ve accomplished rather than how much there’s left to do. Inspire YOURSELF with appreciation for what you’ve done and then… step into the next moment of whatever’s calling to you.

It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities!

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