Get Yourself Unstuck: 8 Smart Reminders

Whether you consider yourself a occasional procrastinator, or a terminal one, getting stuck in the mud occasionally – paralyzing your ability to act sometimes happens. While it’s certainly useful to explore the reasons behind persistent procrastination patterns and resolve them, this article is intended to offer you 8 smart reminders, to free you up, and get you moving again. Here they are:

Recall your greatest vision. Your actions should always match the values you hold for your self and your business if they don’t, you will find it hard to summon the energy to act. Find a way to bring each task into congruence with your vision -if you can’t, ask yourself why you’re doing it in the first place.

Once you’re moving keep going. When you’re inspired, act immediately. Create a short, written plan and avoid getting distracted. This will maximize your ability to accomplish. It’s important to keep your plan simple and start with the most important task first giving you a sense of accomplishment. Balance the time spent planning with time spent doing and by all means -avoid over planning which is yet another clever method of procrastination.

Get tasks into your planner. Pretend your tasks are appointments with clients. Determine how much you can realistically do at a time and work it into your schedule. Don’t leave tasks for when you have spare time. Work only as long as you stay interested and set a completion point for accomplishing each task. Completion points give you an end in sight to look forward to.

Chunk it down. Don’t put any task on your list that takes more than 30 minutes. if it takes longer, it’s actually a series of smaller tasks. Break each step out and list it separately. Remember, you don’t have to tackle all the steps of a project in one sitting. Spread a large task out over several work sessions you will see greater progress as you check more items off your list.

Done is better than perfect. Don’t try to do everything perfectly, perfectionism often causes procrastination rather than perfection, aim for progress any small step toward completion is an accomplishment.

Eat the Frog. According to Brian Tracy’s book of the same title, do the worst task (or part of the task) first and get it out of the way. Once you tackle the part you are dreading, the rest is easy.

Make it fun. Make the project and also the environment enjoyable. Play your favorite music, open the window, Have a great snack, Also, give yourself the best tools and work space possible. Take a few minutes to organize your work space before you start so you feel good in the space. Always remember to reward your accomplishments, this will encourage productivity. Give yourself a break, a treat, a nap – whatever works for you.

Be accountable. Giving your word to someone else is a great tool to facilitate results. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Find an accountability partner who will track your progress, problem solve, and celebrate success with you.

It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities!

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