Don’t Lose Your Dream

Most of us receive more training about how to drive a car than start a micro business. A high percentage of people who start businesses do so because they have a gift or talent they want to see manifest in the world. Or, they love the idea of self employment – not because they have a burning passion for business for business sake.

If this is you, you probably burn a lot of precious energy worried about how much you don’t know, or, feel like an imposter about to be discovered. Or, you get yourself too busy and justify the denial you’re in about not covering the basics. Basically, you hobble along, invest your assets, and prey that it all will work out – somehow.

There is a solution to this new business killer and you don’t have to register for the next MBA session to find it. You start by getting honest with yourself and admit what you don’t know, where your skill sets lack and where you’re not giving your business a fair shake. There is a ton of relief to be had by simply acknowledging and accepting the truth – truth creates reality and reality leads to empowerment.

From the place of empowerment – make a plan to improve one business skill set per quarter. If you avoid doing budgets because finances elude you, take on budgets. If you’d rather file papers than sell, take on sales. Being successful in business requires some real skills and if you don’t naturally have them you need to learn them. Ask for help, buy a book – take on the challenge and you will begin to breathe easier and see the results in your business. What have you got to lose? Only your dream.

It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities!

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