Business Basics: 5 Elements of a Sales Relationship

I’ve seen it over and over – small business owners who get nervous and uncomfortable when it’s time to assume the role of salesperson. Sales are the backbone of your company’s health and most entrepreneurs are not trained sales professionals. In fact, most business owners are reluctant, resistant sales people, worried about being perceived as pushy, or worse yet, sleazy and as a result, they don’t get out and sell.

It seems to be a universal, ever present, nagging concern – how do I present myself in an authentic, effective manner that makes me feel comfortable and accomplish my sales goals all at the same time?

Here’s how to create an authentic and powerful transformation. Move from your worried perception of yourself as a sales persuader targeting a victim with money, to a professional consultant whose goal is to partner with a customer to help fulfill their wants, needs and desires. Sounds better already, doesn’t it?

These are my 5 key elements of a professional, comfortable, consultative relationship:

Honesty and Candor – Communicate clearly what your product or service can and cannot provide, even in the face of losing the customer’s business.

Peer-level perception – Present yourself as a colleague; a peer who is jointly evaluating with the buyer, whether a business relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Patience to allow a relationship to develop – Sometimes you can hit it off immediately with someone; other times it can take months for the relationship to develop. It’s ok to let time take its course.

Respect – Although you may not be friends, respect what the buyer’s values and intent are, and the buyer will respect your approach to business and your professionalism.

Trust – Hold the perspective that you will sell to the “right” buyer. Trusting that true needs will be served, if the buyer is a good fit it will keep you relaxed and enjoying the process.

It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities!

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