A Lesson From Stuffed Cabbage

“One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it” -Persian proverb

I just returned from a wonderful week of rejuvenating vacation that included a visit to my parent’s home. In their guest room, where I sleep, is a large picture of my dear and departed red headed, Jewish grandmother.

Early one morning, as I was waking from sleep my thoughts drifted to her and I began to think about the tremendous impact she had in my life.

It was easy to recall some of my fondest childhood memories were times I spent with her. My favorite time was in her kitchen. I would drag a chair across the floor to be as close to her as possible. From the view at her elbow I watched her cook with intensity and devotion putting her heart and whole self into it. She prided herself on not using recipes as she produced her famous, nurturing culinary creations.

It was much more than stuffed cabbage and sponge cake. She was not just feeding bodies; she was conveying a deep sense of connection to something bigger than herself; the love she had for her family. This is what she passed along to me, and fed me, the valuable gift of connection.

Connection is one of the elements that creates a meaningful context for my life. It keeps me related and involved.  It helps me feel a part something bigger than myself rather than separate and isolated. Also, by experiencing connection it helps me define who I am as an individual, another important element for my wholeness. Finally, connection offers me the opportunity to notice and celebrate unity rather than difference.

What or who do you feel a connection to? What connections are you wanting to make or acknowledge and are hesitating?

Here are few simple suggestions to nurture your sense of connection:

1. Open your awareness and shift your attention outwards. Another way to say it is stop the busyness of life for a moment and stop to “smell the roses”.  You will experience a deeper, richer and more fulfilling relationship with the world and your life.

2. Connect from your whole self.  Knowing who you are first is most important. I invite you to consider that the more you connect with the world AS a whole being the more you have to offer as well as receive.

3. Look for opportunities for connection everywhere, even in the Starbucks line. Stay open to the magical surprises you might not expect.

My connection with my grandmother is timeless. She’s a part of me even though she’s no longer alive. I wish I could tell her how her gift has enriched my life.

Somehow, I think she knows…

It’s YOUR life…imagine the possibilities.

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