About Helaine

I grew up in the 70’s. With the Vietnam War and the women’s movement as a backdrop, and parents who encouraged me to explore, I became a seeker of freedom and a believer in possibilities. Asking “Why?” and “Why not?” became a way of life.

When it was time for high school I chose a student-run “Free School” in favor of the public school in our community. Here I was encouraged to challenge beliefs and fears that limited my potential.

As a Psychology major in college I continued to wonder, “How can I express who I am in the world and make a difference?” This questioning took me deeper into feminism, the self-help movement and eventually onto a path of emotional and spiritual growth.

A pivotal experience on this journey occurred in my final year of college. I was curious about midwifery, a practice then done mostly underground for home births. Before I could do much research or study, I met a woman who had just completed her midwife training. She was looking for an apprentice. I signed up on the spot.

I found myself at the feet of women facing the most challenging task of their lives – bringing new life into the world. As a labor coach I witnessed the full range of human emotions, from unbearable pain to incredible joy. When I began the apprenticeship I thought midwifery was about being present for the birth of babies. Over time I learned that there was much more going on for the mothers and for me. These new mothers were evolving from one state of being to another. My balance and fearlessness served as a bridge to help them make the crossing.

As my life progressed, I got married and had two children. I set aside my dreams to raise my family. I enjoyed being a mother yet my passion for causes and freedom tugged at me. When my marriage ended, I took the opportunity to carve out a new life. I knew I wanted to help people. I also realized it wasn’t necessarily being a midwife that fulfilled me. Instead, it was “midwife-ing” human beings through life transitions that brought me the greatest fulfillment.

I became a manager for a group of metaphysical stores. In that position, I found success, both in the business world and in serving fellow seekers. After eight years in retail management, I was ready for more intimate, one-on-one relationships with people.

As if by divine guidance, my path took a new turn. My early affinity for women’s issues led me to work at a women’s health clinic where I became a women’s health counselor and educator. I also got the opportunity to facilitate women’s spirituality circles.

While my work life evolved, a long-term friendship blossomed into love and subsequently, marriage. With my new partner I found someone with whom to practice the art of relationship. We are joyfully committed to walking a path of growth and beauty together.

My personal evolution continued as a student, and later as a facilitator, of Transformational Breath and “The Work” of Byron Katie. Using these modalities I helped people unblock physical, emotional energy and reprogram limiting beliefs formed during times of trauma.

I looked at all of the experiences and tools I had accumulated. How could I use them to promote my commitment to a world of possibilities?

When I discovered the Life on Purpose Institute and their Coaches Development Program I instantly knew I’d found the answer. I discovered that there’s actually a profession for what I do, who I’ve been all along. That profession is coaching.

The Life on Purpose coaches training provided another set of tools that enabled me to frame my values – courage, creative expression, conscious awareness and abundant possibility. As a coach I had found a way to be of service and fulfill my passion for living an authentic and compassionate life.

When clients enter a coaching relationship with me I offer them a simple, yet profound challenge – Be you. You are already perfect. I encourage people to take a courageous stand for themselves. They are then free to explore a world of abundant possibility and creative expression. If the sky’s the limit, why not dream big? As Marianne Williamson says, “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

Coaching is a lot like midwifery. Now, instead of helping bring babies into the world, I support people who are ready to transform possibilities into reality. Like birthing a child, this can be gut wrenching and disillusioning work. As a coach, I guide clients through the emotions and resistance that prevent them from seeing and expressing their inherent perfection.

I call my coaching practice Path of Purpose. The most important work we do is finding who we are and our unique path. My purpose is most fully alive when clients discover that a new life is growing within them and decide, “I am ready to walk my path.”

Are you ready to improve your business, launch a business or create more balance in your life? Do you need support and guidance to make the necessary changes so that you can wake up each morning feeling more excited about your life and work? Can you imagine opening up your life, finding and trusting your true self? Come, let’s walk the Path of Purpose together. The journey is incredible!

Warmly and joyfully,