Company Overview
Founded by Helaine Iris in 2001, Path of Purpose Coaching is a premier coaching company that develops and delivers top-quality information products and life and business coaching services to help entrepreneurs achieve greater success while living a more complete and balanced life.

About Life and Business Coaching
As a professional Life Coach, Helaine works in partnership with you to help you achieve extraordinary results based upon goals set by you. Results are achieved through a sophisticated form of teaching, skill building, expanding awareness and designing environments.

About Helaine Iris (personal Bio here)
As a professional Life and Business Coach and founder of Path of Purpose Coaching, Helaine utilizes a broad range of professional experience in business management, training, program development and counseling.

As General Manager of Oasis Tools for Transformation, she spent eight years managing the start up and operation of four retail outlets throughout New England.

In her eight years with an international, non-profit, women’s health organization, she developed and implemented a Health Care Assistant training program encompassing 20 regional branches of the organization. During the same time, she also counseled hundreds of women on proper reproductive health and physical well-being.

Working with best-selling author Byron Katie for 18 months, she helped develop, direct and coordinated events for Katie’s international School for The Work. She also spent two years as a faculty member and mentor coach for Life on Purpose Institute, a coach training organization based in North Carolina.

Helaine received her initial Life Coach certification from Life on Purpose Institute in 2002, and she continues to expand her skills as a student in Coachville’s Schools of Coaching. She holds a BA in psychology from Roger Williams College, and she has received certifications as a Mediator, a Transformational Breath facilitator and a facilitator of Byron Katie’s “The Work.”

A respected writer, Helaine has been featured widely on numerous websites and online newsletters, as well as traditional print publications, including “O” Oprah Magazine.

An active member of the business community, Helaine served as President of the Keene, NH chapter of BNI (Business Networking International). She also is the business coach and consultant for the Hannah Grimes Center, a local business development organization supporting small business owners throughout New Hampshire.

Helaine is married and has two grown children. From her straw bale home in Spofford, New Hampshire, she enjoys gardening, cooking, yoga, building a thriving business and maintaining deep and meaningful friendships. She loves her life and awakens each day excited to make the world a better place, one person at a time.